Sunday, May 11, 2008

the picture speaks for itself...

any query about the program/scholarship/watever?
just drop me a message!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

should a strawberry be an apple or an orange?

sometimes, things are not chosen by chance or free will...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

who are we to judge the value of fruits?

just bitching abt work n pay...
we are always not paid enuff until we move to a point where health/family/life is more important..

why shld we just be happy with our current job/pay?
we shld all go n change to our jobs or career and be happy..
but not in singapore... the market is too small...
opportunities are only given a privileged/lucky few...

i think i am one of those lucky ones..
nevertheless i had tasted the overseas air...
the chances there may not be limitless..
but sufficient for everyone.. to change to meet each needs n wants

i will wait... then i will spring like a mousetrap... hm...

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Just decided to do a special on this unique strawvberry on my msn picture..
i used a few msn nicks for this photos:
1) this is a strawberry...
2) the strawberry looks lonely without the cream...
3) sometimes, the fruit just tastes better by itself...
4) the strawberry is evergreen and lasting
5) the strawberry feels good about making itself worthy

will be trying to come up with one everyday... wish me luck...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

first post of 2008 (and in a long time...)

probably most pple have forgotten abt this blog since i have not updated it for so long..

anyway... just to update the most loyal fans who still drop by once in a while..

just a few things on my mind:
- reaching 30 years old

- grandpa passed away

- 8th month in my current job

- old frens in tokyo and nyc

- wrong things i said and done...

- achieving master's and an 'ideal' job

the wanderlust in me had reduced ..
i have to be more mature now on...

stability is still wat pple seek in end..
equilibrium.. esp when things start falling into places..
esp when u realise there are limited time left in you..

new theory:
a lifetime is like wine?
when young, always refreshing, new tastes, changing
when aged, full bodied, ripe, solid, relaxing
there is only a bottle of it to share ard..
as u enjoy it with more pple.. the less each gets..
as it ages, you will want to keep it for pple who matters..

sunday afternoon alone with jazz is the best inductor of moods..

Sunday, May 06, 2007

idiotic handphone music

since i came back recently, i found that lots of pple have those loud obnoxious handphones which play very loud music...

some of those punks .. if it was in the states, i will go up to them n scold them..
but here.. gr.. pple just tolerate them...
nmind.. if i see one i will scold one from now on... support me please!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

"live" from berkeley

there have been this protest going on in berkeley, about removing oak trees to build a new gym..
the protesters were staying in the trees and so on.. just like in the movies!!!
but yesterday, the police finally came in and removed them from the premises:

and i was actually at that location watching them remove the items yesterday afternoon!!!
i was at the scene!!! wow! it is not everyday that u witness news acting out in front of u!!!
maybe it is just me.. i too country bum...

actually stuff like protesting & police intervention is nothing major in Berkeley... it just happens ..
but as a singaporean... it will be a rare sight if a protest can be last even 1 hour .. ;)